About Terri Latta

My Client-First Philosophy

Leaders in Real Estate

Because of their strong connection to their community, genuine affection for the area and it's residents and their heavy involvement with local business development, Terri and Bill have naturally become a leading resource in both residential and commercial real estate in the Lake Norman area.

Terri's caring approach sets clients at ease instantly.  Her 25 plus years in real estate has taught her that the most important factor in a successful real estate transaction is thorough and consistence communication. Communication coupled with knowledge and experience will deliver as smooth a purchase as possible.  These are challenging times - Terri will deliver!

To say Bill is well versed in all aspects of commercial real estate - from corporate leases to land development- would be an understatement.  Nearly two decades of experience in the field enables him to help match his clients with a site that is best suited to meet their needs from an investment standpoint.  Bill can walk you through the red tape of zoning changes and other municipality requirements.

Together, Terri and Bill offer a level of service that is second to none.  Not only do they know the area inside and out, they handle every detail of your transaction flawlessly.  They have a large network of valuable resources to help their clients with any aspect of their real estate purchase or sale.  Terri and Bill are strong negotiators and know exactly how to market a property.  They position your property effectively for the highest visibility and fastest results.

Residential and Relocation, call 704-895-9511.

Commercial, call 704-622-0365.

So when you decide that you'd like to buy or sell a home in the Lake Norman area, please contact me.